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After-Hours Operations Coordinator

Supervisor Title: Operations Manager
Department: Operations
Exempt/Nonexempt: Non-Exempt
Working Status: Full Time

The purpose and primary functions of this position are to manage after-hours operations and emergency situations of the American Central Transport Company and Contract drivers. Coordinator will focus on entire driver fleet and customers with goal of resolving issues as needed, proactively monitor on-time service, and manage maintenance and safety issues as they arise.

Essential Duties:

  1. Communicate load needs to Driver Support Manager and Customer Service
  2. Work with Driver Support Manager on driver needs.
  3. Accurate updating of inbound messages via phone and Qualcomm including Loaded and Empty Calls, ETA/PTA updates, etc.
  4. Communicate all incorrect ETA/PTA and RDO information to Driver Support Manager, Operations Manager, and Vice President of Operations.
  5. Communicate any driver retention issues to Operations Manager, Driver Support Manager, and members of the ACT Retention Team.
  6. Ensure dispatch acknowledgments of all drivers.
  7. Provide a nightly/weekend hand off list of issues or concerns.
  8. Coordinate and dispatch loads with available equipment while maintaining the hours of service rules and regulations for transporting those loads.
  9. Ensure drivers are completing Qualcomm messaging to aid the Billing Department in collecting from customers and paying drivers the appropriate accessorial charges.
  10. Trace shipments for customers.
  11. Monitor pending service failures to take proactive measures in the event of a potential service failure.
  12. Problem-solving with drivers/customers and resolve as needed
  13. Manage Maintenance/Safety issues as they arise during off hours and notifying the appropriate personnel.
  14. Monitor customer tenders via email and EDI. For specifics by customer, seek out the account’s Customer Service Representative or Customer Service Manager.
  15. Maintain proper accident report documents on situations that happen after hours.

Other Duties:
Duties as required

High School Diploma or Equivalent, or above

2-5 years experience in truckload operations environment or military leadership experience or 2-5 years in management position with another company with experience using as AS400 system.

Knowledge & Skills:

  1. Uphold and live out ACT’s Core Values: Safety, Accountability, Integrity, Respect, and Family.
  2. Work Independently: work on your own or with a skeleton crew with minimal supervision.
  3. Processes and Procedures: ability to follow distinctive procedures, depending on circumstances.
  4. High Energy Level: handle the multiple, fast paced, activities of their job and stay focused on getting results.
  5. Multitasking: answer phones, respond to Qualcomm messages, handle driver issues, handle customer issues, handle maintenance issues, etc. all in a timely manner while other issues are happening concurrently.
  6. Communicate using Qualcomm Messages: use only the minimum amount of messages needed to communicate work related information; keep messages brief.
  7. Scan the computer screens to detect status changes: scan the computer screen at least once every 5 minutes to check on the status of the area and customer base.
  8. Problem Solve: when problems occur, take immediate action to determine the nature of problem, the cause, potential solutions, and if possible implement the solution steps while still in communication with the driver: utilizing resources available within the company.
  9. Follow Through: take whatever action possible immediately, then document what additional tasks need to be completed, either in computer or on “to do” list.
  10. Proactive: seek out potential problems and take actions to lessen the impact on drivers, customers, and loads.
  11. Proper handoffs between shifts: be sure to know about pending issues from the shift before you and be able to communicate issues to the shift following you.

Financial Responsibilities:
Driver advances are managed by the driver’s Driver Support Manager, but after hours coordinator can authorize advances up to $50 for emergencies. In addition, after hours coordinators have authority to override the daily limit for situations that require $1000+ to resolve safety and maintenance issues.

Working Conditions:
Extensive computer and phone work in a cubicle in a room with other Driver Support Managers and Customer Service Representatives.

Personal Characteristics:
Team oriented, motivated, patient, flexible, committed, possessing excellent communication & organizational skills, and energetic.

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