• Married, mother of 3
  • Job title: Claims Specialist
  • 15 Years with ACT

How did you choose to come to ACT?

I grew up in Blue Springs and eventually moved to Kearney. I thought I wanted to be a nurse, but after a while I kind of got tired of college. My cousin Jennifer worked at ACT and she told me good things about working here. So, I checked into it, and got a job here. That was back in January of 2004.

"We were fully compliant several years ago, and that’s how ACT is, a very forward-looking company."

Casie Bell — 15 years with ACT

What has your work experience been like?

When I first started out here, I was brand new to trucking. I learned everything about the industry here, so the only way I know is the ‘ACT way.’ My first job was doing the paper logs, doing audits and sending out letters counseling with drivers if they had violations or things like that. I used to scan in every log sheet by hand – that was around 400 sheets a week! Eventually I went on to do hours of service sessions, which is really the first time I got to have contact with the drivers. Then I went on to be part of orientation, where I would have to get up and talk in front of them. At first, I was scared to death, but I got to where I liked that. Around ten years ago, I got promoted to compliance specialist.

What does your job involve now?

I was just recently promoted to Claims Specialist. I handle and mitigate claims internally within ACT as part of our risk management efforts—working with drivers on internal claims along with outside vendors, third parties, and insurance carriers to resolve third party claims, as well. I’m also responsible for the financial evaluation of claim losses and communicating with claimants to update them on claim status and processes.

Before my current job, I was a Compliance Specialist, so I basically made sure everything was right for every driver. I went over all the new hires and got all their paperwork to make sure nothing was missed.

The change to electronic logs changed everything, and I think for the better. It was a learning curve for all of us, but we got it done early, really before it was required in the rest of the industry. We were fully compliant several years ago, and that’s how ACT is, a very forward-looking company.

How’s it going now?

I have always enjoyed working here. The people have been great, and they care about you. My family grew here. I got married two years ago, before that I was a single mom. They were always very considerate of me. If I needed to take my daughter to the doctor, they were flexible and would work with me. That’s what I’ve always liked about this company: that they are big on family. And not just with office workers, about the drivers, too. Some of the drivers have been here for a long time and I’ve known them for years.

Anything special about ACT you want to share?

Our new facilities are great. We are all very excited that we have such nice areas to enjoy. They really care about their employees. I enjoy serving on two committees in addition to my regular job. I’ve been on the Driver Appreciation Committee for eight years and I’m also on the Event Committee. We do cookouts once a month and during Driver Appreciation Week, we do lunch daily and breakfast on that Friday. The events we plan let us have fun and boost morale. We did things like an extravaganza for Christmas, a Halloween chili cook-off and Super Bowl soups. It’s all just a fun time for everybody.

What are your goals or plans for the future?

I’m working on going through OSHA training classes in the future. I want to grow here, and I am. I love it here!


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