• Married, father of 1
  • Job title: Operations Manager
  • 5 Years with ACT

How did you choose to come to ACT?

My dad was in the Air Force, so we moved around a lot. I was born in Arizona and have lived in every state in the southeast, except Louisiana. Being a part of a military family gave me a little more structure, and that’s the basis for who I am today. When I was in school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Then at 15, they discovered I had a malignant brain tumor, so I had surgery. I was fine after that, but it changed my outlook on life.

I decided to become a truck driver in the mid-1980s after working in retail for a while. I had a Class D license, since that was before CDLs. When the company I was working for needed more dispatchers, I decided to come off the road so I could spend more time with my family. I’ve worked at several companies over the years since then. Before coming here, I had taken a job in Alabama, but it didn’t pan out to be what they said it would be. One day about a year later, a headhunter friend called and recommended ACT to me. He said they’re a great company and that I should talk to them. So, I did.

"I know the drivers have a hard job, because I’ve been there."

Jim Matthews — 5 years with ACT

What has your work experience been like?

When I was a truck driver, I did flatbed for 3 weeks before permanently changing to dry van. I really liked the solitude, getting to go around the country, and meeting lots of people. After my daughter was born, I decided to make the change and become a dispatcher so I could be home for her more. I worked in dispatch for 4 years. Then, in December of 2014, I was hired as ACT’s operations manager and that’s what I’ve done ever since.

What does your job involve now?

As an operations manager, I am in charge of dispatchers, night dispatchers and planning groups and I also take part in orientation. If there is a problem, the drivers can come to me. I’m the first line of help after the dispatchers. I know the drivers have a hard job, because I’ve been there. I understand the stress and frustration level they experience — with things like the weather, mechanical breakdowns, and trying to get loads. If a driver has an emergency at home, I help them get home. My goal is to take care of the drivers and take care of the company.

How’s it going now?

When I was researching ACT, I didn’t see anything online that made me leery. I started talking to the HR manager and I liked what I heard there, too. Then I came here for the all-day interview process, and everybody was the same way: very warm. That feeling that I had on that first day is the experience I still have. There’s not a day that I dread going to work. I like the company and the way we treat people. It’s open and honest. I enjoy working here.

Anything special about ACT you want to share?

I’ve been to a lot of companies that say they treat people like family, but none have ever been like this company. ACT has a really great attitude. It’s more about ‘how can we take care of everyone?’ and that goes through the entire company. It’s something we live and breathe every day, from the mechanics to customer service to payroll. They have one goal in mind: to take care of their people.

What are your goals or plans for the future?

I am very happy being operations manager here. I like the job I get to do and the people I work with and for. I make a good paycheck and I’m at a level where I’m content. If you do your job and do the best you can, you can have a long career here.

I have two goals: for my family to be healthy and for this company to stay strong and prosperous like they are. I’ll do everything I can to make those two things happen. I’m in a good place.


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